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Save HOURS on your wedding planning with these tricks

So it’s probably your first time planning a wedding, and you’re already overwhelmed. It requires a lot of time, patience, sweat, blood and tears. To many brides to be, it can seem like an impossible task, factor in normal life, family and social events, it gets overwhelming quickly.

From tracking your budget, communicating with your guests and researching the perfect vendors for your day, there’s a lot of moving parts to make up a successful wedding day. It might even seem that there’s not enough hours in the day or days in the week to get it all done.

On the bright side, in this blog you’ll learn some strategic time saving hacks that can really cut down on the extra hours and get all your tasks ready in record time.


Cut down on the back and forth

One of the biggest time consuming parts of planning a wedding is all the back and forth communicating with your vendors. There’s usually back and forth emails, from the inquiry, to the quotes, the details and the scheduling. If you feel like you’re going back and forth with your vendors, you’re spending a lot of unnecessary time.

Instead of sending single, back and forth emails, try sending a longer, more detailed email to get all of the questions and notes out of the way in as little emails as possible. Better yet, if you have the time, getting on the phone with your vendors to go through everything at once will save you tons of time, as well as give you a chance to connect better with the people who will be helping your special day come to life. This is a time saving hack for your vendors as well, they’ll definitely appreciate the streamlined communication as well.

For the organizing of meetings, it’s best to try to get as many vendors to meet with you all in the same day (and even in the same place) so you can get it all done in one day rather than having to slip in meetings randomly throughout the week. This may take a little more time in advance that way you can get a day where they’re all available, but even two days of meetings is better than 6 random days. Make sure you or a friend/family member takes notes in all your meetings though so you don’t get mixed up from information overload.


Create a wedding Website

A lot of time goes towards communicating with your guests, and most couples don’t consider that. Whether it's sending invitations, save the date or just providing scheduling information for the day, the guests have to be informed. One of the most efficient ways to do that is through a wedding website. Invitations can be created and sent digitally, and all the details of the day are sent to the guests through the website.

When it comes to wedding planning, time is money. A wedding website can really help reduce the amount of unnecessary questions that can all be answered through your site. You can create a free wedding website through the Knot actually. My brother and his wife just got married and that's what they used. It's very user friendly. Click here to check out the Knot's website builder!


Delegation is Key When you picked the people in your bridal party, you probably decided based on your closest, most supportive friends (hopefully) If you’re overwhelmed with the pressure of planning everything, don’t be afraid to delegate some of the smaller tasks to your bridal party or family members.

Of course the most important thing here is that you ask who wants to help and you make sure that the expectations are clear so that everything comes out clear. The key to delegation is communication, you can’t get mad at someone for doing something a certain way if you didn’t communicate what you wanted.

Even if it’s just some small tasks, meeting up with your bridal party and dividing up some tasks can really take some weight off of you! I hope this was valuable for you! If you're interested in chatting with me more about your day and crafting a wedding film that gives you the ability to re-live your day over and over in a natural, timeless style, go ahead and click the button below to inquire with us!


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