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Wedding Films Crafted to Tell Your Story

Swift Wedding Films is a team of wedding videographers who specialize in telling your story the way you would tell it. We understand this may be your first wedding, but it isn't ours. We've filmed 100's of weddings of all types in the last 7 years and we'd love to capture yours! We understand weddings can be stressful at times, so we always focus on making every step effortless all the way from the booking to the sharing of your beautiful wedding films. We're currently based in Wichita, Kansas, but we often travel to Kansas City, OKC, Omaha and further! 

There's lot's of videographers out there, so what makes us different?

First, our style of filming is what we call documentary or fly on the wall. Simply put, we're here to capture the day as it happens.

Second, is our focus on longevity. Capturing everything from the small, in between moments to the big representative moments of your day, as well as your friends and family in a way that will be more than just entertaining, but impactful in 20-30 years.

Lastly, is our timeless editing style. Look, some people like the flashy, trendy effects and things of that nature, but that's not what we do. We create Films. Films that you will actually watch 10-20 years later and will stand the test of time.

DSC00123 smaller.jpeg

“They captured all the love and excitement of my special day, from the ceremony to the reception, they got all the special moments while being virtually invisible." 




We don't know how long we have with the people we love...

When I was 12 Years old, my Grandpa passed away.

We were very close, but I was young and honestly looking back I don't really remember what he sounded like or what we talked about. It's to this day that I always wish that I had videos of the moments with him, to hear what he sounded like and just get a better memory of who he was.


After capturing Weddings for years, I get constantly reminded of the power of video. To see moments happen again. To hear the voices of the people we love, to see their expression and the emotion on their faces.


Statistically speaking, almost 40% of couples don't get a videographer for their wedding day. To add to it, 93% of them say that they regret it. I've made it my mission to lower that 40% to not only lower the amount of regrets that couples have, but to create memories that will truly last a lifetime.

My Story




I quickly filled up my year full of weddings and music videos. Once I graduated High school, I moved to Los Angeles, CA to continue to grow the business.

We quickly made a name for ourselves in the music and TV industry with our high end music videos, now amassing over 250 Million views and traveling to over 10 different countries.

I've been documenting my various strange hobbies with videos since I was young. First it was soccer (not so strange), I then got really good at Yo-Yoing (arguable the strangest), next I developed a knack for learning flips and acrobatics with parkour/free-running.

Eventually my obsession shifted to the thing I'd been doing all along; filming and editing. I made my first music video for a local band and quickly fell in love with the process.

I began trying every type of video I could, whether it was music videos, commercials, real estate, automotive and I eventually went on to try weddings.


I quickly found out that I could actually make a living making videos, and in 2015 I started my business; Swift Productions, at the young age of 17 as a junior in high school.

Full Films.00_46_59_08.Still002.jpg

While in LA, my team back in Kansas were filming weddings and sending the footage to me so we could continue to serve our couples!

We even had the chance to work on some big commercial and TV projects with many big name celebrities such as Deon Cole and Dennis Graham. (AKA Drakes dad, yes THE Drake)

Sequence 03.00_00_03_02.Still001.jpg

Once The virus hit, we decided to relocate back to Wichita, Ks and shift our focus to weddings full time. With Time, our original team members went from being my second shooters, to full blown lead shooters.


As we've shifted our focus back to Wedding films, our work has become a balance of natural/documentary style filming, mixed with an artistic, flowing editing style, giving you a unique piece of family history to show to your kids grandkids, and future generations to come.

Our Lead Shooter Jacob and I from 2017 to Now


What's Your Story?

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