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Don't hire a wedding planner until you read this....

Maybe you’re considering hiring a wedding planner or maybe you’re feeling like organizing it all by yourself. Regardless, you should be aware of the sole purpose of a wedding planner and then you can decide whether or not you truly need one.

A few reasons you may want to hire a wedding planner….

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You can afford it


This one might seem kind of obvious, but you have to be able to fit it into your budget for it to make sense. Like most things, you’re paying for the time saving/convenience aspect with a wedding planner. But you’re honestly paying for a lot more than that. 


You don’t have the free time to do it yourself because of your job, family, ect…

Like I said, the biggest thing you’ll get from a wedding planner is the time saving aspect. If you have a super busy schedule because of your job or maybe your kids or just really any of the day to day chaos, hiring a wedding planner can seriously save you a lot of time and stress.


You’re not a naturally organized person

Maybe you’re a bit like me, somewhat scatterbrained and disorganized. The type to attempt to make lists to organize your life and you make so many lists that you’ve managed to make things more unorganized and chaotic. If you’re anything like me, you can most definitely benefit from hiring a wedding planner.

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You want to lower the amount of stress from your wedding

Besides the time saving aspect, I think the stress relieving part of having a planner is by far one of the biggest benefits. You won’t have to stress about contacting each and every vendor yourself, you don’t have to stress about each and every little detail of the day and how you’re going to get everything to work. A wedding planner allows you to talk directly with one person and essentially delegate all the organizational tasks.

You have a very short amount of time to get it all planned

Look, I get it. Not everyone wants to stay engaged for 1-2 years. Some couples prefer to get married in 6 months or less. If this is you, it’s especially helpful to have a planner because time is kind of your enemy here. You’re looking to find the best of the best venue, photographer, Dj, videographer and many many more. And beyond that, you’re trying to find the right vendors that are also available for your wedding day. You’re kind of trying to get the stars to align here, and a wedding planner has a bit of experience doing just that in a timely manner. 


You have a destination wedding

Destination weddings are AWESOME, I think most people can agree on that. The part that isn’t so cool is the extra detail that goes into the planning for a destination wedding. With all the extra travel and lodging costs, there’s going to naturally be more moving parts. Having a multi day wedding is pretty similar in the manor that it just adds more moving parts.This is another one of those instances where a wedding planner would really ease some of the pressure of such a thing.

You’re having your wedding in a place that generally doesn’t cater to weddings

If you’re having your wedding in a place that doesn’t normally cater to weddings, there will likely be extra costs and things that will have to be bought/rented to make everything work. A few examples of this would be certain restaurants, hotels, Camp sites, Airbnbs, movie theatres, coffee shops, national parks, zoo’s. The list goes on and on.

Venue’s that don’t normally have weddings at them will likely be a lot more tricky to work around, thus having a wedding planner can help to manage all the extra details.

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