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What to expect from us!


Step 1: Reach Out!

Shoot us an email and we'll confirm our availability so we don't waste your time. We'll have a quick chat to get to know each other over a video chat or phone Call!

If it seem's like we're a good fit, we can build you a custom package based on your schedule and your needs. From there, we can talk about reserving your wedding date!


On the wedding day, your photographers and videographers will be spending more time with you than you will with your fiancé. You'll want to make sure that they're a good fit for you both professionally and personally.

Step 2: Finalize Details

When it comes to working with us, we keep things simple, and low stress!

In between reserving your date and the wedding day. We don't generally need to bother you unless you need something from us. We're always happy to help!

About 4-6 weeks before the wedding, we'll setup a wedding prep meeting with you and the rest of our team so we can nail down our last minute details all at one time. No pesky back and forth emails necessary!


Step 3: The Big Day 

When the Big day comes, this is what you can expect from us.

Natural, Candid Filming Style

We capture the day in a specific style. One that I've coined "Documentary" or "Fly on the wall". Simply put, this means that we're there to document the day how it actually happened, whether we were there or not.


That doesn't mean we can't help direct you if needed, but we aren't trying to make your wedding feel like a film set.

Nervous About being filmed?

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not a huge fan of being in front of the camera either. And From my experience, usually either our brides, our grooms or both are a bit nervous about it too. But, you can go look at our films and you'll notice, it doesn't come across that way.

Why is that?

It's because of the way that we film. We know you and your fiancé aren't 
professional actors, so catching you being yourself without noticing us is the BEST way to do it!

Step 4: Movie Magic

For us, this is where the fun truly begins. That's right, it's editing time. When it comes to editing, we have three main focuses.

1. Longevity

When we put together a film, we always keep this simple question in mind; "Is this going to matter in 10+ Years?". Simply put, we aren’t getting lost in all the pretty details, but selecting the clips that matter the most to you. Based on both what we learn from you, and what we observe on the day of.

2. Flow

The Rise and fall of the different emotions and moments of the day are matched to the music that you selected. No jarring transitions or out of place shots. Anyone can point a camera, but few can create a cohesive story of your day.

3. Timeless

This is a film created with the intent to last. We create films in a style that will make it hard NOT to watch it over and over again. This is a film that you'll not only be able to share with your kids, but one that you'll actually want to!




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