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How to shave off hours of your wedding planning

Recently we made an article on how to save time with your wedding planning, and we decided to make a second part to save you more precious time.

The average wedding takes over 100 hours to plan. With that said, any amount of time you can shave off that can be helpful. From getting organized with checklists, creating mood boards to communicate with vendors and shopping online, there's plenty of things to lower that number so you can enjoy the time leading up to your wedding!



Create a Checklist

It’s no secret, creating lists is a key to organization. Ask any event planner for their organizational secret and they’ll tell you it’s to make a checklist. Instead of digging through emails and notes, make a monthly checklist of things that need to be done at the beginning of your planning process and make sure to update it as you go.


A checklist is one of the best ways to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, and more importantly can help you stay a little more sane during this process, because I’ve found that things always seem more chaotic and scary when it’s just floating around in your head.

We talk about this in one of our other blogs as well, but scheduling your tasks on google calendar can be really useful for seeing what you have coming up each month, but my favorite part about it is the notifications you can set up so you never miss anything. You can set the notifications to go off whenever it best suits you.

Create a mood/style board

One really important thing that gets brushed over pretty often is figuring out what style you’re going for in your wedding. I would highly recommend browsing pinterest as there’s a ton of pictures in there to help you define your style. 


Once you’ve brought together a bunch of pictures and turned it into a mood board essentially, you can more easily communicate with everyone involved exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of trying to explain exactly what you’re looking for, you can just send them to your mood board to visualize everything. This will save you a lot of time in the back and forth as well as giving them the opportunity to make decisions without having to consult you all the time.



Order online


I think most people nowadays can agree that online shopping is the move. There’s a bunch of different pieces of your wedding decor that you could order online and get shipped directly to you or even to your venue so you don’t have to handle it.

This works best for the smaller things, like cake toppers, table numbers, signage or even simple things like ribbon and paper.


Sites like Etsy make it easy to find tons of really nice, creative options for decor. Browsing etsy will likely be faster than driving all around town to different stores and will have much less options anyway. 

As we talked about earlier on, make a list. Make a list of all the decor and materials you’d like four wedding and see what you can find online before you go on adventures to the store. You’d be surprised by how many options, time and potentially how much money you could save by shopping online.

Hire a wedding planner

These wedding planning tips may infer that you’re doing it all on your own, but if you really want to lower your planning time on your wedding, a planner will do it best. Of course that comes with a prices but that planner can buy back your time and lower your stress.

Your wedding planner will help to make your vision come together as they handle all the communication with vendors, gathering all the products/decor and really lets you focus on what you want while they execute everything. The planner can make sure all those last minute loose ends are taken and allow you to enjoy both the process and the day of.

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