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5 Must Have Elements for your wedding video

Wedding videos have really taken a turn for the best in the last few years. In the past, many wedding videos were super boring, dull and just overall not a good representation of a wedding day. Thanks to lots of amazing advancements in technology and modern film techniques, wedding videos can be made into a cinematic masterpiece! Here are 4 must have elements for your wedding videography package.

1. Aerial/Drone Footage

Seeing your beautiful venue and the surrounding areas from above is nothing short of breathtaking! Drone’s are amazing tools and they really highlight locations like nothing else can. Are you getting married in the mountains, the beach, or some other stunning location? Imagine a dynamic, sweeping aerial shot of your event to tie together your wedding video. Such an awesome way to take full advantage of the venue you chose!


2. Wedding Trailer

Just like a movie, a wedding trailer is meant to give you as well as your friends and family a taste of what's to come in the full length Wedding Film. A wedding trailer should include glimpses of the best moments from the highlight film, while building anticipation for the actual film! You can post it online as well as include a link to it within your thank you cards to your guests. 1 minute wedding trailers are perfect for instagram as well!

3. Letter Reading


One thing about wedding videography that really sets it apart from photography is the audio aspect of video. One of the best ways to take advantage of that is with a letter to your spouse, read out loud to play during your wedding film! Here’s a great example of one in Ben and Lindsay’s wedding film: 

4. Interview Film

This one isn’t as common for video companies to offer but we’ve found that our couples love it! An interview film is essentially a compialition of different interview from your friends and family, where they can tell stories, give you advice and you can really hear their thoughts and feelings on the day of. Another example of this would be the bits and pieces of Ella’s interview film that we put bits and pieces of in their highlight film: 

5. Raw Footage


As wedding highlight films get shorter and shorter, more and more brides want to see all the footage captured during their wedding day. Many wedding videography companies will include the raw footage on a hard drive so you can watch all the footage on a later date! With a highlight film being so packed with all the exciting moments of your day, there’s lots of little moments that get captured that don’t make the cut.

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